Our Mission

Our mission is to bring clean drinking water and sanitation to coffee growing communities around the world.  As the charity of choice for the coffee industry, we provide a mechanism for the coffee industry and coffee drinkers to give back to the communities which grow our coffee.

Our History

The Allegra Foundation, a registered charity based in London, was founded in 2011 by Allegra Group CEO Jeffrey Young. With strong roots in the coffee industry, the Allegra Foundation established Project Waterfall to positively impact the lives of people in coffee growing communities by increasing access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Since 2011, Project Waterfall has raised over £1 million and delivered clean drinking water to over 37,000 people in 7 countries. Our largest fundraising initiatives include UK Coffee Week, London Coffee Festival, Amsterdam Coffee Festival, New York Coffee Festival, The Coffee Music Project, The Coffee Art Project, and our partnerships with brands across the coffee industry.

Our principles

100% Promise
We use corporate sponsorship from the coffee industry to cover our running costs, so we can make the bold promise that 100% of public donations will go towards funding clean water projects.

We Fund Water Projects
The funds raised by The Allegra Foundation will be spent solely on water and sanitation projects. We believe that access to water, sanitation and hygiene underpins all other development issues and is therefore a crucial step in breaking the poverty cycle.

We Fund Projects in Coffee Growing Countries
90% of coffee comes from third world countries where over 60% of people lack access to safe water. The Allegra Foundation is committed to increasing access to clean water and sanitation across the communities which grow our coffee.

We Fund Sustainable Projects
We work closely with trusted partners to ensure that the projects we will be funding are sustainable. This is done by training local people who can continue to maintain the water source after we have left, thereby ensuring a permanent source of clean water for each community.

We don’t promise money we don’t have
We only ever commit to a specific project once we have secured the funds to see it through to the end. We put a lot of thought into choosing which project to support, as we want to ensure that the money we have raised will permanently change the lives of as many people as possible.

Meet the Board

An independent, non-remunerated Board of Trustees oversee the work of the Allegra Foundation, ensuring that all donated funds are fully protected and used efficiently.

Current trustees of The Allegra Foundation include: