Burie Woreda, Ahmara, Ethiopia

About the project

In 2014, Project Waterfall began its work in Ethiopia in Burie Woreda, a city in the Ahmara region.  When the project started, 33% of people in the community lacked access to clean water and the region had one of the lowest clean water supplies and sanitation levels in the country.  Unsafe latrine pits in schools were a particular concern.  No government funds were allocated to the region, so the only support locals received came from our partners, WaterAid.

the solution

The project had an ambitious goal: to provide safe and adequate water to the five communities of Gulem Denjen, Woyenma Ambaye, Woyene-Durbete, Shakua, Agnifereda, and the two small towns of Kuchi and Alafi. 

Clean Water: As of January 2016, we have helped to fund the construction of two new boreholes and six wells (with five more wells still being built), all of which passed water quality testing.  These have brought clean water to 2,180 people in the area. 

Sanitation: Four latrine blocks with separate facilities for boys and girls were built in local schools to ensure the health and safety of 1,443 children in Burie Woreda. 

Sustainability: The project emphasized sustainability and included community meetings to educate people in good sanitation strategies, and 12 committees were established to train community members how to repair and maintain their new facilities.  Additionally, the communities were given avocado and coffee seedlings with an aim of generating income to ensure water facilities could be maintained. 

the future

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with WaterAid to bring clean water to other coffee growing communities in Ethiopia.  Since we funded this project in 2014, we have supported three other projects in Ethiopia to bring clean water to even more people in one of the largest coffee exporting countries in the world.  If you are interested in supporting or funding projects like this one, please contact us for more information on how to get involved.

WOmen using clean water taps, Wateraid

WOmen using clean water taps, Wateraid