Project Overview

Our input at Project Waterfall reached 3,257 people with clean water. The project as a whole, delivered with our partners at WaterAid, has brought safe water too 37,444 people and improved sanitation to 74,960 people which has transformed the communities, improving their health and life chances and providing the first building block for development.


Project Stats

Start date: 2015

Status: Completed March 2016

Community: Burie Woreda, 7 communities

People reached: 3,257

Delivery Partner: WaterAid

about Ethiopia

94,100,000 population

58% of rural lack access to water

77% of rural lack access to sanitation

29.6% live below the poverty line

7 communities and small towns now have 100% access to basic sanitation facilities and clean water.

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encouraging equal Education

8 schools have received 14 ventilated and improved latrines through the construction of toilet blocks. Thich has improved dignity and increased attendance rates, especially among girls. This will help achieve the UN millennium development goal of higher gender equality.

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Helping Women

Through the project we have provided five gravity flow systems, 2 reservoirs, 2 pump houses, 14 shallow wells. 12 hand dug wells, 20 water points and 2 new boreholes. This has lowered the amount of time women spend collecting water, therefore, reducing physical strain and encouraging women and girls to attend school.

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The situation in Burie Woreda before this project was incredibly bleak. Only one in five people had safe water to drink and less than 8% had year round access to a water source within easy walking distance. With more sources of clean water the community will be able to grow and thrive.


Over a period of 3 years, delivery partners WaterAid Ethiopia worked hard with the local community to construct the necessary infrastructure to increase access to water across 7 communities in Burie Woreda,.

  • Two boreholes were drilled in the towns of Kuchi and Alefa. Both have now been connected to the electricity pylons. The final structural works mean both towns will soon benefit from a safe water supply. We also extended the underground pipe network in Kuchi to service the entire community, after an older borehole was no longer supplying enough water.

  • We constructed four latrine blocks in two schools, with separate facilities for boys and girls, benefiting 1,443 students. These represent a big improvement as the students were previously using sub-standard latrines or having to defecate outside.

  • To further promote the practice of good hygiene, we built a public shower house and another one is currently under construction. These will be managed by the community to ensure they remain clean and functional.

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Sustainability and education

The project provided resources to ensure community members were able to use the fresh water in a sustainable and efficient way. We provided avocado and coffee seedlings to communities who have recently gained access to safe water, with the aim of generating income to maintain water points in the long term. The plants also help to protect water catchment areas to improve supply during dry periods.

Education is key to maintain the infrastructure, therefore, the project has also developed the skills of 184 people from the local communities. Teaching how to preserve improved water systems through supporting Water and Sanitation Committees. Conjointly, 82 water technicians were trained to manage their water schemes, collect adequate water user fees and maintain the systems.

the future

We will be continuing to develop our partnership and working across Ethiopia to improve the lives of the poorest and most marginalised communities.  We continue to have a partnership with WaterAid, and look forward to future collaborations.

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