Chelia and Toke Kutaye Districts, Oromia, Ethiopia

about the project

This project, funded by the proceeds from UK Coffee Week 2016 and carried out by our delivery partner WaterAid, aims to reach 24,500 people by 2018 in one rural and one urban ward of Chelia district (Liben Gamo and Babich Town), and one rural ward of the Toke Kutaye District (Toke Kombolcha).

These wards have the lowest rates of access to water and sanitation services in the area. Before our work began, the communities would draw water from polluted rivers up to three hours walk away, which are shared with livestock.

the solution

This project aims to bring safe water to 24,500 people and improved sanitation to 22,000 people, which will transform the communities, improving their health and life chances by providing the first building block for development.

Clean drinking water

This project will construct a gravity flow water system with 39 water points, including 4 in schools and one at Babich Town health centre. The project will also construct a reservoir to store water, rehabilitate and cap water springs, drill 10 shallow wells and construct 5 hand dug wells all fitted by hand.

It will also establish local water management committees to manage the new water points, and elect a WASH management board representing these communities, which will be made up of at least 50% women. 92 water technicians will be trained to operate and maintain the new water points.

Sustainable sanitation

The project aims to build 11 latrine blocks, 13 wash basins and 8 shower houses to improve sanitation and hygiene standards in the communities, schools and heath centre. It will also raise community awareness about the need for families to build latrines at home through the 'Community Led Total Sanitation' approach.

The school health clubs will be trained by WaterAid to share hygiene information and introduce healthier environments and local government health workers will be supported to carry out door-to-door hygiene promotion.

the future

We will continue to develop our partnership with WaterAid and support their work to reach everyone in the Toke Kutaye and Chelia districts of Ethiopia. Please join us in supporting this valuable cause.