Our long-term partnerships are with companies both directly and indirectly connected to these communities through their products and services, and typically involve a financial commitment of £50-150k per year. 

In working together to improve the health of these communities, you can build brand credibility, transform customer perceptions and spark important conversations.

‘At Lyons, supporting our communities is a very important part of what we do. Partnering with this fantastic charity means we can make a real difference to the lives of the people that supply us with the nations favourite drink’
— Marcus Swift, Sales & Marketing Director, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland

What does a partnership involve?

Financial commitment

Donate a percentage of sales, make an annual contribution, or invest a set amount from a particular product line.

collaborative campaigns

Work with us to raise awareness of the global water crisis through marketing installations, press projects or events.

Co-branded Opportunities

Use our brand across products and materials to showcase your efforts and increase consumer awareness of Project Waterfall.

An investment of £50,000 brings clean water to approximately 2,000 people (although this number can vary depending on where the community is).

Why partner with Project Waterfall?

Through a partnership you can make a tangible and long-term difference to communities at the source of your business, strengthen your CSR program, and attract increasingly socially conscious consumers and employees by enhancing your brand’s sustainability narrative. 

Our most successful partnerships run for at least 3 years. During this time, you'll benefit from a strategic hands-on approach, a tailored partnership and comprehensive reporting.

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Our partners include

Want to learn more or discuss a potential partnership? Get in touch today!

Rebecca Hodgson - Brand Partnerships Manager - rhodgson@allegra.co.uk