UK Coffee Week

During UK Coffee Week (27 April - 3 May) thousands of participating coffee shops across the UK fundraise for Project Waterfall by donating money from every cup of coffee they serve, hosting events, or even organising town coffee crawls.

Their efforts give coffee lovers across the UK the chance to support Project Waterfall, and make their cup matter, simply by enjoying their daily coffee.


The Paper Cup Charge

The Paper Cup Charge is a 25p charge that you add to a customer’s bill as a non-VAT transaction and then donate to Project Waterfall.

Support the communities growing your coffee in a straightforward, tangible and long-term way.

Attract today’s increasingly environmentally conscious consumer by stepping up your efforts to reduce waste.

Make a positive impact on the environment by driving customer change and increasing reusable cup use.

Get a head start! Create your own narrative for this charge rather than waiting for the likely government legislation of it.

Nervous about introducing a charge? Research has shown that customers support it and it works. We’ll also provide materials to help you communicate about the charge and Project Waterfall, and every quarter you can pay in your donation online to Project Waterfall in just 2 minutes.

Find out more by getting in touch through the form at the bottom of this page.

Turn on the Taps

Use one of our ‘tap to donate’ readers so customers can make a contactless donation which automatically goes to Project Waterfall.

The reader is easy to set up, sits alongside your till or even at a water point, and doesn’t need a separate phone, app or Wi-Fi network. You can use one of our readers for a set 3-month period, or forever and ever!

Find out more by getting in touch through the form at the bottom of this page.

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