How it works



Add a voluntary £1 to a customer’s bill.



Add an optional £1 to a customer’s bill when they order tap water.



Include a £1 donation within the cost of a specific menu item (perhaps a tiramisu or affogato!).

Round up.png

Round up

Round up a split bill and pass on the change to Project Waterfall.

We can provide fundraising materials, including table cards and our ‘Drop a Dime’-branded water carafes, to help you communicate about the donation and Project Waterfall.

Straightforward. Tangible. Long-term.

Drop a Dime allows you to bring clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world, while enhancing your restaurant’s image with both your customers and employees. 

It doesn’t cost you anything, there are no tax implications, and at the end of every quarter you can pay in your donations online in just 2 minutes. 

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