Rwanda: Rulindo District Project Completion

We are proud to announce that one of the projects we have been working on in the Rulindo district of Rwanda has now been completed! We’re so pleased to see that the time and effort invested by our partners, charity: water, will have an incredible impact on the lives of 2,378 people. This project was made possible by the funds raised from The New York Coffee Festival 2015.

Rulindo project `.png

The Rulindo district lies in the Northern Province of Rwanda and is known around the world for its quality coffee, thanks to its high altitude and temperate climate. Coffee farming provides a livelihood for many in the region and is one of the primary crops that supports the local economy.

Before this project began, children like Emmanuel had to drink dirty brown water despite knowing that drinking this water was putting their health at risk. It wasn’t a choice, but a necessity.

“This water is bad…It can give you diseases.” Emmanuel said before the project started.

Now, thanks to 6 new water points built in local communities in this district, Emmanuel and his peers will be able to drink water without the fear of illness affecting their education or careers. Without the burden of walking miles to collect water every day, they can spend time with their families and receive a full education, allowing them to embark on their own journey and perhaps become doctors, journalists or politicians.

Rulindo project 2.png

This project wasn’t completed overnight; the local partners in this region worked tirelessly to obtain permits, work with community leaders to form Water Committees and purchase hardware materials like cement, PVC piping and hand pumps. By involving community members in the construction process, our local partners were able to pass on essential knowledge including how to maintain and repair the taps. This knowledge will help ensure a sustainable facility for future generations.

Rulindo project 3.png

Access to water has a profound impact on quality of life. Not only does it mean better health, but it also means more time to provide for their families and improve their communities. For children it means more time to go to school and dream of a brighter future. All this leads to more economic prosperity, making a dent in global poverty.

Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to complete projects such as this one and change lives around the world. Thank you to everyone at the New York Coffee Festival who helped make this possible by donating to Project Waterfall!

We currently have other projects underway in Rwanda, which you can find out more about by visiting our Rwanda country page.