Project Overview

With the support and donations of Project Waterfall, our partners, Water for People, have an ambitious model to bring clean water to all communities in the Jinotega area and work towards this goal on a district by district basis.The project, aptly named 'Everyone Forever,' involves working in Nicaragua with local communities and governments to establish sustainable water services and sanitation across the district.


Project Stats

Start date: 2016

Status: Completed, 2018

Community: San Rafael del Norte and la Concordia district

People reached: 609

Delivery Partner: Water for People

about Nicaragua

6,100,000 population

32% of rural lack access to water

63% of rural lack access to sanitation

29% live below the poverty line

Ten drinking water systems were completed that now serve 15 communities.


New Technology

Ten community water systems completed to serve 15 communities, and water, sanitation and hygiene programming completed in four schools as of 2016, in our EF districts of San Rafael del Norte and La Concordia. The project assisted with building a gravity flow system to pipe clean drinking water into every household, school and clinic in the districts.


Quality Assurance

The sources of many water systems in San Rafael del Norte that were constructed before Water For People started work in the district utilize springs or streams that have open catchments that are vulnerable to contamination, especially from rainwater runoff and agricultural activities taking place. However, Water For People has achieved a 10% increase in water quality indicators, with 67% of systems presenting positive water quality results over the past year.


reinforcing hygiene practice

Water For People is implementing programs to improve school water, sanitation and hygiene in Nicaragua. Parent-teacher associations are trained to maintain the infrastructure, and teachers are trained to lead the hygiene education process. Most schools in San Rafael del Norte are now implementing Hygiene Corners. This tool, allows teachers to integrate hygiene-focused activities into daily lessons. A total of 467 students and teachers benefited from improved sanitation in five schools within the district during the first six months of the 2017 program


Thanks to the generous investment made by the Allegra Foundation and Project Waterfall in Nicaragua, Water For People was able to further its Everyone Forever (EF) strategy in Nicaragua during the 2 year period. Just a few of the goals this project achieved are;

  • Water, sanitation and hygiene activities were completed in four schools across two districts. Additionally, sustainable sanitation programming was scaled across northern Nicaragua and significant progress toward Everyone Forever (EF).

  • Programming to facilitate access to water in communities was executed as planned through a combination of gravity-fed systems connected to household taps, electric pumps and micrometers to track use and promote water conservation


Sustainability and education

As with all of Water For People’s country programs, staff in Nicaragua are taking thoughtful steps to foster the conditions that will ensure the provision of reliable water and sanitation services over the long term. A key component of Water For People water resources management work is to promote efficient water use and water conservation through installation of household micrometers on all drinking water systems. During the first half of the 2017 program year, Water For People and local partners had already achieved several notable advances in relation to the financial sustainability of water and sanitation committees. In San Rafael del Norte, users of two new water systems – La Naranja and San Gabriel – had installed household micrometers with their own funds. These tools are allowing the locals to be empowered and advocate for better water systems and lobby the local government.

the future

We will be continuing to develop this partnership with Water For People and supporting their mission to reach 'Everyone, Forever' in the La Concordia and San Rafael del Norte districts of Nicaragua. Please join us in supporting this ambitious and far reaching project.