Project Overview

This project, delivered by our partners WaterAid, had bought safe water too 37,444 people and improved sanitation to 74,960 people which has transformed the communities, improving their health and life chances and providing the first building block for development.


Project Stats

Start date: 2015

Status: Completed, August 2016

Community: Toke Kutaye and Chelia Districts, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

People reached: 1,253

Delivery Partner: WaterAid

about Ethiopia

94,100,000 population

58% of rural lack access to water

77% of rural lack access to sanitation

29.6% live below the poverty line

The project will enable Water Aid to demonstrate the best practices to the government so that they can scale up affordable, sustainable and accessible water and sanitation services.

WaterAid, Ethiopia Oromia, Chaltu Babich Town - Behailu Shiferaw 2.jpg


Women and children walk long, exhausting journeys to collect dirty water for their families. For this reason, women are prevented from going to school and working . Partly as a result of this, it is estimated that 65% of women are illiterate. With closer water sources, women have 85% more time freed, leading to increased involvement of women in productive economic activities, thus boosting the local economy.

WaterAid, Ethiopia Oromia, Gobena collecting water from the river - behailu Shiferaw.jpg

Cleaner Conditions

Less access to clean water means poorer sanitation for all of the communities in the Oromia region. With proper hygiene and awareness, instances of water and sanitation related illnesses will rapidly decrease. Additionally, the project has raised community awareness about the need for families to build latrines at home through the 'Community Led Total Sanitation' approach.

WaterAid, Ethiopia Oromia, Mihiretie Benti Babich Town - Behailu Shiferaw.jpg


This project was designed with inclusion in mind. All latrines, community showers, water points and wash basins were ensured to be accessible to the less able-bodied members, including the elderly and those with disabilities. ‘All room inclusive’ latrine blocks were put into schools to safeguard vulnerable students and prevent singling out.

digging trenches.JPG
WaterAid, Ethiopia Oromia, footpath to the river - behailu Shiferaw.jpg


Over a period of 1 year, Project Waterfall provided funds to our delivery partners, WaterAid. This enabled WaterAid to access to safe, affordable and sustainable water services in three wards, four schools and a health centre around the Oromia region. The project as a whole delivered 24,500 people clean water and sanitation, this goal was accomplished by;

  • Constructing a gravity flow water system with 39 water points, including 4 in schools and one at Babich Town health centre. The project will also construct a reservoir to store water, rehabilitate and cap water springs, drill 10 shallow wells and construct 5 hand dug wells all fitted with hand.

  • Constructing 11 latrine blocks, 13 wash basins and 8 shower houses to improve sanitation and hygiene standards in the communities, schools and heath centre.

  • Supporting government health workers to carry out door-to-door hygiene promotion in the communities.

Sustainability and education

Education is key in maintaining a robust sanitation system and our project has put longevity of community at paramount importance. By training school health clubs to share hygiene information and introduce healthier environments, both at school and at home, as well as, distributing educational materials on health and hygiene will establish ongoing habits to prevent the spread of diseases, such as, Diarrhea.

In terms of sustainability, the project trains local farmers in water resource management and encourage the planting of fruit trees and vegetables. These will reduce soil erosion, increase groundwater recharge, improve the farmers’ incomes and increase local food production. In promoting water management throughout communities, national level influencing will follow to instill more feasible irrigation and water usage.

the future

We will be continuing to develop this partnership with WaterAid and supporting their work to reach everyone in the Toke Kutaye and Chelia districts of Ethiopia. Please join us in supporting this valuable cause.

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WaterAid, Ethiopia Oromia, Chaltu Babich Town - Behailu Shiferaw 3.jpg
WaterAid, Ethiopia Oromia, village chairperson Lemessa Gussomsa - Behailu Shiferaw.jpg