Today, 785 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water. The majority live in isolated, rural areas – the same areas growing our coffee.

Coffee is a water-intensive crop with a large water footprint. Up to 840L of water is needed to make one 750ml pot of coffee. That’s more than tea, sugar, wheat, and barley. 

It’s wrong that while we enjoy the purest filtered water in our coffee, the communities at the end of its supply chain face a water crisis.

This is why it’s our mission to unite the coffee industry and coffee consumers to give back to the communities growing our coffee by investing in sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects.


Closing decade one

Since 2011, Project Waterfall has raised over £1 million and changed more than 50,000 lives in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. Between now and 2021 - when we’ll move into our second decade of work - we want to:

Reach 50,000.png

Reach a further 50,000 people with clean water, sanitation and hygiene

Increase awareness.png

Increase awareness of the water crisis

Tangible impact.png

Give individuals and businesses further ways to make a tangible difference

To do this we have an ambitious target of raising a further £1.5 million before the end of 2021. 

Our approach

Focused on Water

Access to water, sanitation and hygiene is a crucial step in breaking the poverty cycle as it underpins all other development issues.

Concentrated on Coffee-Growing Counties

The majority of coffee comes from developing countries where many people lack access to safe water. We’re committed to supporting those who make our daily coffee possible.

Funding Sustainable Projects

All the projects we fund train local people who can continue to maintain the water source long after we have left, ensuring a permanent supply of clean water.

No Overpromising

We support projects that have a high-reach and long-lasting impact, and only commit to a project once we have secured the funds to see it through to its end.

100% Promise 

Every single penny of public donations goes to funding clean water projects. This is thanks to corporate sponsorship which covers our running costs.