Project Overview

Increase the quality of education and health services to children in rural communities in the coffee regions of Nicaragua and other producing countries where we operate. With our partners, Seeds for Change and Caffe Nero, we restored sanitation and water to 5 schools across the district, in addition to restoring the building structure in some schools.


Project Stats

Start date: 2016

Status: Completed, 2018

Community: 5 Schools near Esmeralda, Jinotega

People reached: 758

Delivery Partner: Caffe Nero / Seeds For Change

about Nicaragua

6,100,000 population

32% of rural lack access to water

63% of rural lack access to sanitation

29% live below the poverty line

Clean water was provided to 5 schools in Jinotega.


A Better education

The region’s school population is primarily composed of the children of these coffee laborers, most of whom live below the national wealth standard. In many households with single mothers, children must care for the home and their siblings, and as a result may not begin formal schooling until they are seven or eight years old. By supporting the Coffee Industry and securing a safe income for the family the current students are the first generations going to high school and have the opportunity to continue to university.


safer buildings

Lazaro Talavera School has a preschool and elementary school, grades 1st to 6th, with 155 students and 5 teachers. With the support of Caffè Nero in 2017, a new classroom was built with an investment of £25,030.00, raised during the UK Coffee Week. The construction of the new classroom, allowed for 1st grade and 2nd grade students to have separate classrooms, instead of receiving classes all in the same space, in a multi-grade format. General school maintenance and drainage systems were installed making the school a safer learning environment.


Increased school attendance

As a result of the project, attendance has increased greatly allowing the younger generations to obtain an education. As most parents of children in Jinotega are Coffee Growers, the average adult has only a 3rd grade education, however the Children of Jinotega are attending and achieving more in recent years due to this project. Student enrollment increased from 126 students in 2016, to 155 students in 2018, representing a 20% increase.


Thanks to the generous investment made by the Allegra Foundation and Caffe Nero / Seeds for Change in Nicaragua, Infrastructure, sanitation and education was vastly improved.

  • In 2018, with the support of Caffè Nero, Lazaro Talavera School continued the Digital Seeds program in addition to the infrastructure improvement, this time by having a Seeds for Progress facilitator, Elba Gonzalez, lead the teacher training program. This program works with an intensive, individualized focus on teacher professional development that positions classroom instructors as vital change agents in school reform.

  • In total 603 children benefited and went from not having water supply or very limited in some cases, to a constant supply of clean water source.

  • For the infrastructure component, the focus will be in fixing the electric system which has been deficient since it was manually installed by parents and teachers, and two of the classrooms do not have access to electricity. Additionally an administration office and storage room will be built, allowing the school principal to be based at this school, and officially make Lazaro Talavera de “base school” of the region.


Sustainability and education

By training more teachers the project has an element of sustainability. The area becomes enriched with educators ensuring school staff, in turn, increasing attendance of the children. In the community this scheme will continue to grow as children and teachers become more involved with the local schools.

the future

We will be continuing to develop this partnership Caffe Nero / Seeds for Change as we are passionate about allowing communities in developing countries to grow in terms of opportunity for the younger generation. We are thankful for any support we receive for this worthy issue.